Hourly rate: $200 / 2 clients per hour

Day rate: $1500 – 8 hours of on location hair services for large bridal parties.

Hourly travel rates apply to weddings outside of Dallas, Tx city limits.

Day rates/per diem apply to weddings outside of Texas.




My Mother ( Sonia Trevino  ) started her business as a salon hair stylist over 30 years ago. I’ve watched her style hair, make women look and feel beautiful since I was a baby. As my mother’s little Muse, my hair was where she would play with new designs and hair techniques.  I knew I wanted to grow up to be like her. However, she had other plans for me. We made a deal – I would finish college, then we would talk about me joining her as a business partner. So – that is exactly what I did. While I was in college, Mom left the salon scene to start her bridal business. She offered luxury on location hair services to brides in the DFW area. Our hair styles have been published in magazines like: Brides of North Texas , The KnotInside WeddingsInStyle Weddings, and most recently in Vogue . Business quickly went from Dallas to destination weddings. Her business grew so fast, she could barely keep up with all the inquiries.

I graduated with a degree in Public Relations. After spending 5 years working in my field – I returned to Dallas, ready to tackle the bridal hair industry with my Mom.

Since then, our company has expanded to a bridal hair agency. We have a team of hair stylists that we mentor and book on events for clients. It’s been an absolute joy styling hair for women on their special day. Every weekend is something new and exciting with opportunities to work with a variety of talented wedding vendors.

For inquiries:

Sonia Trevino


One of the many fun projects we get to be involved in as artists with fellow wedding vendors:



This weekend we had the honor of styling the bridal party of a very special bride. This bride has been in countless weddings that we have worked in the past few years. Being a part of her wedding day felt like a mini reunion of past clients. The room was full of good music, smiles and excitement.

Here is small glimpse of her special day and the amazing vendors that helped her vision come to life:

Planner: Mathes and Co.
Florals: Jackson Durham 
Video: Splendor Films
Photography: Sarah Kate
Hair: Sonia Trevino 
Makeup: My Fab Faces

Our company had the pleasure of working with Madison on her special day at the Four Seasons Las Colinas. She had all the right components for a magical night with her friends and family. The ceremony took place outside on one of the most beautiful days of the year in Texas. The sun was shining with clear skies and a cool breeze.

I took two team members to style her bridal party’s hair. We styled her party of 12 ladies in 2.5 hours with time to touch up throughout the day. She had her bridesmaids go with a half up hair design that complemented her dresses perfectly. She went with an all down hair style, which I love the feminine look it provides brides.
Her ladies looked amazing in the perfect shade of deep blush….

The amazing floral designs by Bella Flora did not disappoint, per usual…

The sweetest moments I witnessed was her first look with her Father and soon to be Husband…

The Ceremony was pure bliss…

Madison’s family and friends were a delight and Im so grateful that I get to do this for a living and see beautiful events, talent and love come together every weekend…
Thank you Madison ❤ 



Haley + Jared recently wed at The Dallas Country Club.
This bride was full of smiles and the best kind of joyful energy you could want to see on a wedding day. Her amazing vendors did such an fabulous job bringing making her special day one to remember…

Hair – Sonia Trevino Hair Agency
Makeup – My Fabulous Faces
Photographer- F8 Studio
Planner- Mathes & Co
Floral – Three Branches Floral
Dress- Warren Barron Bridal

This week’s bride of the week is sweet Betsy.
Her special day was nothing short of magical, charming and elegant.
Everything about her wedding was sheer perfection.

The Look:
Hair- Sonia Trevino & Team
Makeup: MyFabFaces

The Wedding:
Rentals: Bella Acento
Images: Lauren Peele Photography


Carter Rose                    Gary Donihoo               Kym Skiles
(Corey and Eddie, not pictured)Words don’t do justice to this team’s talent, fun personalities and ability to deliver pure perfection. Each artist has a unique style of shooting yet as a team they manage to compliment each other’s style by working and shooting as one. Every time I work with a bride that hires F8 as her photographer, I know the images will be phenomenal. It never seizes to amaze me how in each of their images I can practically feel the joy, taste the cake and hear the music.

You can count on F8 to shoot your details far from the ordinary…

Since my first day in the Dallas Wedding industry, this team welcomed me with open arms and kind hearts. It’s a pleasure to get to share their talent in this blog post. I love their boldness, creativity and how they always dare to be fearlessly different with their perspective, angles and lighting.This industry can be intimidating, the F8 team has the gift and demeanor of caring. Always greeting vendors with a big smile , introduction and hug.

Gary is always sharing fun stories, laughing and has a laid back calm approach to wedding days that brings a sense of peace to the room.

Carter is one of the friendliest vendors I’ve encountered in this industry. His humble smile makes friends quickly.

Kym has the most amazing edgy presence you can imagine. She’s a force to be reckoned with as a photographer. You see her and immediately want to know her. To know her, is to love her.

Corey gives off a strong artistic vibe. You can tell he is constantly thinking outside of the box.

Eddie completes the group with his talent and attention to detail. His engagement behind the scenes is what a bride looks for in an artist.

Their experience sets a bride’s worries at ease. This team knows exactly what they’re doing and they get it done!

I got the opportunity to chat with them this week and ask them a couple of my favorite interview questions. Here’s what they had to share ….

Interview questions:

1 how would you describe your shooting style?

F8 : Our shooting style is focused around capturing real moments in an authentic, beautiful and creative way. Our aim is to capture those once in a lifetime moments in a way that brings you back to that day again and again.

2 what’s your favorite part of the weddings you shoot?

F8: Our favorite part of the wedding changes with each event. Because we focus on unscripted moments we never really know when something meaningful might happen. It keeps on us on our toes and makes every wedding a unique experience

3 what’s a book or quote that motivates/inspires you as a photographer?

F8: Quotes: “All the technique in the world doesn’t compensate for the inability to notice.” -Elliott Erwitt

“When people ask me what equipment I use – I tell them my eyes.” Anonymous

Meet the artist.
Behind every camera lens is an artist creating a vision.
Stephanie is a Dallas based photographer, doing exactly that (creating a vision). She has a unique way of shooting using stylistic lighting that leaves a noticeable impression on clients. I first met Stephanie years ago, in school. Since those days, she has become a mother and built a successful photography business.
I had the pleasure of working with her on a project for Adidas Women and was delighted by her speed, positive attitude and adaptability.

She has an innate ability to make you feel comfortable. I knew the moment she was done setting up, I was in good hands.
Her kind demeanor sets you as a client at ease, her pace and facial expressions showed me no time would be wasted and she knew exactly what kind of image she was working to create. The verbal guidance, knowledge and attention to detail impressed me on set with her.

I caught up with Stephanie to get to know her as an artist, mother and business owner.
Here’s what she had to share with me:

  1. What inspired you to become a photographer?
    “My inspiration for photography is a tad deep but here it goes. When I lost my mother right out of high school I also lost a lot of childhood photographs. The fact that I had little to no photographic memories really got to me. It was at that moment photography became my passion. And has since become my photographic obsession. I am moved by the fact I get to visually go back in time with my clients and the special moments in their lives which at a young age I actually lost. “
  2. What is your favorite subject to shoot?
    “My specialty is couples + maternity but seriously anything “love inspired”! “
  3. Are there any photographers that influence your thinking, shooting and career path?
    “I’m honestly moved by all of the creators on this journey. It’s not easy and it’s even easier to get discouraged but those of us sticking it out and creating a brand of our own, I’m so moved and inspired daily! “
  4. What advise would you give or wish someone had given you when starting a photography business?
    “The advise I would give to someone starting out in this industry would be-just be yourself! Don’t try and imitate what you see, create your own kind of beautiful! “
  5. Is there a book or quote that motivates you personally or professionally?
    “Believe you can and your half way there.”
  6. How do you balance work and family life?
    “How do I balance it all-well I stay focused, I have a supportive husband who believes in my passion and the rest just falls into place by the grace of God! “
  7. What makes a good picture stand out from an average picture?
    “When you look at an image and you feel something whether it makes you smile, laugh or even cry THAT is a good image.”
  8. How would you describe your photography style?
    ““Romantic Moody” (totally made that up but hey that’s me-not the norm)”

Book Stephanie:
Like SJR & Co Photography on Facebook
Visit SJR and Co Website



Glam At Arlington Hall

Every year our company has the honor of being invited to the open house at one of my favorite special event venues in Dallas, Arlington Hall. We have the pleasure of styling the hair of their amazing team.

Each year gets bigger and more elaborate than the past. I’m always in awe of the amazing display of talent at these events. Some of Dallas’ finest wedding planners, photographers, bakeries, caterers and floral design teams come to meet brides and network with fellow wedding vendors.

I love having the opportunity to watch this venue transform into a magical experience for guests…


825D59F5-B8A7-4460-B49A-0E92DF50822DB7D4D828-AD4D-4241-BD9D-D9E568EB7294Per usual, this year did not disappoint!
Special thank you to all the vendors and the phenomenal team at Arlington Hall for always including us in this special event.
For booking & pricing information, Visit: Arlington Hall  


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