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From a young age, I battled with my body image. Fluctuating weight was a norm for me. It wasn’t until after completing my last tour in Europe for work that I hit rock bottom. I was the heaviest and most unhealthy I had ever been in my life. My energy levels were low, clothes didn’t fit and most of all I was unhappy.

I started my fitness journey weighing 179lbs  (I’m 5’3), wearing a size 12/14.  After learning my way around the gym and picking up the proper lifting technique/form – I became addicted to the results and the feeling of waking up at 5am to hit the ground running towards my goal.

At my best, I weigh 121lbs. and wearing a size 0/2.
I’ve lost and kept off nearly 60lbs for 4 years. It was hard being overweight and it was hard living a healthy lifestyle. We all chose what kind of hard we want in our lives.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t still struggle with staying motivated, cravings and fitting workouts into my schedule but with accountability, baby steps and support of loved ones – I take it one day at a time. Pictures of the “old me” still give me mixed feelings. There is a part of me that gets sad/embarrassed when I see those pictures, but then the “new me” takes over with pride and motivation.

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Finding my fit tribe workout friends made a huge difference in switching up my gym routine.






As women, we’re constantly looking for that balance between comfort and glam. For me, the goal has always been to fall somewhere between sporty and posh- that effortless chic style.

As a brand ambassador, I strive to be involved in projects with companies that mean something to me, that bring value & create growth.

Adidas has always been an amazing platform for not only athletes, but strong women everywhere.

Its about celebrating women of all shapes, sizes and color. These outfits aren’t just clothes and shoes- it’s an attitude, a vibe &  an energy

Thank you Adidas

Hair By: Sonia Trevino
Makeup By: EyeLoveDallas


In a world saturated with social media, it’s more important now than ever to monitor what kinds of messages you’re following. Below is a list of amazing podcasts/motivational life coaches to help you maintain a positive outlook while striving for your goals in 2019! These inspiring individuals share their stories, successes and more to guide their followers to a healthy lifestyle and mindset.

  1. Lewis Howes – @LewisHowes
  2. Trent Shelton – @Trentshelton
  3. Tim Ferris – @TimFerris
  4. Marisa Peer – @MarisPeerTherapy
  5. Mel Robbins – @MelRobbinsLive
  6. Nas Daily – NasDaily
  7. Rachel Hollis – @MsRachelHollis
  8. Amy Purdy – @AmyPurdyGurl
  9. Dr. Rangan Chatterjee – @DrChatterjee
  10. Stephanie Decker – @Stephaniedeckerfoundation.                                                                  Some of these individuals are athletes, doctors, podcast hosts, travelers and authors. The one thing they all have in common is their ability to impact change among their listeners.Anytime I feel my world caving in, stress taking over or negative thoughts creeping into my mind; I turn to these instagram pages or podcasts for words of strength and a push to remind me, “IT’S GOING TO BE OKAY”.Do you listen to any of these motivating individuals? Do you have a favorite? Listening to someone not listed above? Do Share!



It happens …

Our days get away from us. We forget to meal prep. We are on a budget. We don’t feel like working out. We don’t feel like spending time on Pinterest to find a healthy tasty meal.

These are my go-to quick and inexpensive meals on days that I just “don’t feel like it”. These meals are found at Kroger and can quickly be heated up to enjoy. I usually add a protein like chicken, salmon , ground turkey, meatless Italian sausage (vegan/vegetarian friendly found at Aldi) or shrimp.

Also, sometimes I make my own versions of these bowls with fresh steamed broccoli, quinoa and a protein. Surprisingly, very filling, tasty and inexpensive.


A few months back, Dane changed my life when he got me a pair of Beats headphones. It truly changed the intensity of my workouts and overall mood. For me, MUSIC IS A MUST at the gym along with my special workout playlist I made on Spotify.

My music taste is super mixed, everything from rap, hip hop, rock to alternative and more.

My top 20 workout songs:
Warning: some songs maybe explicit.

  1. Peyote – Hippie Sabatoge
  2. Bonfire – Childish Gambino
  3. Get Ready – Alison Wonderland Tasker, Leaderboy
  4. Louder – DJ Fresh, Sian Evans
  5. Lemon – N.E.R.D. Feat Rihanna , Drake
  6. Goodbye- Melvv
  7. Bellyache – Billy Eilish / Marian Hill Remix
  8. Trigger Happy – Liquid Stranger
  9. Mindfields – Prodigy / Baauer Remix
  10. Aint Nothing – Juicy J, Wiz Khalid’s, Ty Dolla $ign
  11. Sad but True- Metallica
  12. Chemicals between us – Bush
  13. Don’t Need Nobody – Ellie Goulding
  14. Robot Rock – Daft Punk
  15. See Thru Feat. Lisa Lobsinger / Thugli Remix
  16. Kinds of Summer – Ayokay
  17. Sober – DJ Snake
  18. Humble – Kendrick Lamar
  19. The way I do – Bishop Briggs
  20. Bad Karma – Axel Thesleff


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 Following health and fitness accounts on Instagram helps me stay motivated and creative. Following these individuals has kept me actively learning new ways to stay healthy. The content posted on these accounts vary from workouts, healthy meals to self care routines. Check out these pages when you’re looking to find unique workouts, boost your motivation or keep from making unhealthy choices.

  1. Massy Arias – I’ve followed her page for about 2 years now and she never disappoints. Her ability to smile and stay upbeat in workouts is super inspiring. It was also motivating to see her share her post pregnancy routines too. I love that she caters to Spanish speakers as well.

2. Katie Austin – When I first started working out, I used to do Pilates in the comfort of my own home to a DVD by Denise Austin. After a few years of weight training in the gym, I found Katie’s page, Denise’s daughter. It’s insane how much they look alike, sound alike and even workout alike. I love her dynamic approach to Pilates and weights.

3. Kayla Itsines – When I first saw one of her workout videos, I thought she was a robot. Her physique is out of this world. She posts amazing before and after pics of her clients, clean snacks and her workout routines. She also has launched an app that can be a useful tool when looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

4. Sophia Aguiar –  A full time professional dancer, she is total GOALS! Sophia posts not only her dance routines but also posts daily workouts in her stories. She has them saved (which I love for reference later). Her weapon of choice: Resistance Bands! She offers tips like: working out at home with the heat on to get a good sweat going!

5. Gym Alpha –  This page screams MOTIVATION! It’s not an individual but rather a page of amazing women working out. There is an array of body types doing all kinds of physical activity. This page does an amazing job of sharing workouts while celebrating women of all shapes and sizes.

Remember: “Always have a goal, but never compare yourself to someone else.”


I’ve recently become pretty obsessed with smoothie bowls. It’s slowly becoming part of my morning routine to make my healthy-ish food look pretty. Something about pretty food tricks your mind into thinking it tastes better too.
These instagram pages have taken healthy food to a new glam level:

1. RAWNICE – This page makes my mouth water! Everything on here vibrant in color,  creative and comes with simple steps to recreate it at home. They offer products like blue spirlina, pink pitaya and even cute mermaid molds.


2. FITOMATOES – This page is Vegan friendly but I promise will have any foodie craving a taste of all these tasty treats featured on the page.  I love the detailed stories posted every day!


3. FITFOODADDICTION – This page has everything from savory to sweet. Anytime I feel like cheating myself by eating something unhealthy, looking at this page changes my mind! These posts make healthy food look tastier than your average nutrious meals.



A colleague shared this super simple and delightful holiday recipe with me a few years ago and I’ve used it every year.  It’s a guilt free treat that my family loves to enjoy every holiday season. The drink is 100 calories or less depending how you make it.

What you need:

  • Unsweetened almond milk (vanilla almond milk is good too)
  • TAZO Organic Chai Tea bags
  • Fat Free Reddi Whip (not pictured)
  • ground cinnamon & sprinkles off your choice (optional)
  • liquid or packet stevia (I prefer liquid)

1. Use microwave or tea-pot to heat your water for your tea bag (Approx. 2 min in microwave or until you kettle is ready).
2. Fill mug 3/4 full of hot water then place your tea bag in mug to steep for 2-5 mins
3. Once tea is ready add 1/4 cup of almond milk
4. Add desired amount of stevia sweetener
5. Lastly for a little holiday spirit add your desired amount of Reddi whip, Cinnamon and sprinkles on top and ….


I think the key to having beautiful makeup is having a fresh clean canvas (your FACE). As a kid, I grew up with terrible eczema. It was truly a source of insecurity for me. No amount of makeup or products ever covered my blotchy irritated skin. I could never used scented skin products.

As an adult, I finally found a skin care routine that worked for me that didn’t cost a small fortune.

Every night before I go to sleep or as soon as I get home from a full day, I wash my makeup off using Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing wipes  . I’ve never experienced any kind of skin reaction to these wipes. The blue ones are softer on my skin than the purple packaged ones. I wet my face with warm water first then cool water after using the wipe to close my pores after cleansing.

Most people are surprised when I’m asked what moisturizer I use. I literally only use one thing on my face – good ol’ fashioned – Vaseline! Years ago, I met a woman who told me she was 73 years old and didn’t look a day over 45. I asked her what skin products she used, she replied – “darling I use this expensive stuff , its called Vaseline”.  (Its 1.07 at Target). Some people can’t get over the shiny “greasy” look of lathering it on your skin. If your skin is dry like mine, it lasts all of 4 minutes before my face slurps it up like a thirsty camel.

After moistuizing, I use 100% pure cold pressed organic Caster oil on my lash line (it promotes longer lashes) and I apply it on any breakout blemishes to avoid blemish scaring. This stuff is good to use on face, skin, hair or nails.

Moroccan Arian Oil is also good to use as a face oil for glowing skin. I use it 2-3 times a week in small amounts. Its rich in vitamin E, great for your skin.

Every morning, I use St. Ives Acne Control apricot scrub. I have no clue how this stuff leaves my skin feeling so soft without any irritation but I love it! It prevents acne and evens skin tone. It even makes applying make up go on smoother.

Once every 2 weeks or so, I try to make time for a face mask too. My favorite brand is found at Target called Que Bella.  I’ve tried them all, none of them bother my skin and all leave my face feeling clean and refreshed.

Share your skin care routine with me! I love hearing what products work best for people.

Stay glowing.