Real Estate has always been something that would creep its way into my daydreams. In school, my TV stayed on the HGTV channel. I couldn’t get enough of shows like FixerUpper, Flip or Flop and Property Brothers.

Now, with my license – Im lucky to work with clients to help them find their dream homes.

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Real Estate – 25 Park Place

This beauty was listed in East Richardson. I am excited to share it here. This home has been completely remodeled with stainless steel appliances, Quartz counter tops and custom cabinets in the kitchen. It features a captivating open floor concept with the beautiful fireplace as the focal point. With plenty of space to entertain – it has a formal living room, dining room and breakfast nook. The home has 4 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, private backyard, newly landscaped front yard and custom house number with planter installed as a perfect detail.For inquiries and offers – Email realty@meetrah.com 




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Valley Cove back in July, you could barely see the house. It had overgrown bushes, wild landscape and desperately needed some love. This house is what motivated me to quickly get my real estate license. I told myself, “I want that to be the first house I sell!”

Fast forward, almost five months later – Dane and I listed Valley Cove on MLS this morning. I’m so proud of all the time, hard work and detail that went into this property. I’m beyond excited for the lucky homeowners that purchase this beautiful house and make it beautiful home.

Keep scrolling to witness this spectacular transformation…

The work and potential were obvious…

All that was left to do was begin…
All of oversized bushes were removed, trees were cut and flowerbeds were re-designed. Lastly, the exterior was painted ALABASTER white, double door was replaced with a cedar stained door and new light fixtures were installed.



The exterior transformation was amazing to see but the interior transformation was nothing short of miraculous luxury at its finest!

THE LIVING ROOM & KITCHEN – two interior walls were knocked out to create an open floor plan concept. All kitchen appliances were upgraded to stainless steel, new island was built and the fireplace was painted to create contrast from the REPOSE gray walls.


DINING/BREAKFAST NOOK – The shelves were cabinets were replaced and new floating shelves were installed. The floors in the entire house were replaced.

The cabinets were re-finished and painted. The half bathroom was completely gutted and had new cabinets built with a modern mirror to add some flare to the design.


THE BEDROOMS & BATHROOM – All the bedrooms (minus the master) had neutral gray carpet installed, REPOSE gray painted walls and new ceiling fans.







https://videopress.com/embed/2Tc7nwDu?hd=0&autoPlay=0&permalink=0&loop=0Thank you for reading about the lovely journey of this house.
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Meetrah Amini



5 Inexpensive ways to stage an empty home

1. Fake succulent plants – these are a seller’s best friend. Succulents go with almost any style home and bring life to an empty space.

2. Towel Displays – Be creative in displaying inexpensive decorative towels in kitchens and bathrooms.

3. Home baskets – These can include anything from lotions, candles, plants or soaps. Great accent accessories for kitchens, bathrooms or fireplace mantles.

4. Wall Hangings – Keep it bold but simple. Large wall clocks are versatile, functional and bring a pop of style and color to a space.

5. Home pop pieces – these items can be anything that lighten a room and help buyers imagine it as their own home. Items such as fruit, cutting boards, coffee makers, mugs/dishes or even a rug make a house feel like a home.

Latest project :



With the new year around the corner, it’s a time for fresh starts – this includes fresh looks for your home! Check out my favorite upcoming colors, trends and looks of 2019 …

1. Matte finished touches – Take your favorite color and put a matte finish on it and VIOLA!

2. Fierce statement wallpaper –  Pick a print that speaks to you and unapologetically get it on your walls.

3. Velvet furniture – bringing the sassy and classy to any room.

4. Painted ceilings – try a ceiling in a bathroom or closet to get a feel if this trend is your style for 2019.

5. Neutral / Earth tones – It’s all about being bold with your neutrals this year…





Most of the properties that I get to help Dane with are located in Richardson, TX. It works out great for us since we both grew up here and know it well.

A fun fact: In 2014, Richardson was named the 17th best city to live in by 24/7 Wall St. based on crime rates, economy, education, housing, environment, leisure and infrastructure.

Richardson is a business and family friendly suburb of Dallas. With a great school district and new businesses popping up everyday – it’s one of the more favorable suburbs of Dallas. Geographically, it’s in an ideal spot of Dallas, close to major highways- approx. 15 minutes from downtown and close to an array of restaurants, shopping and parks. With the fairly new arrival of State Farm and other businesses Richardson is expanding rapidly due to the low-cost of living and taxes in Texas (compared to other states). Here are few new businesses that have made living in Richardson a little sweeter!

My Top 5 Spots to try in Richardson of 2018: 

  1. I love U A Latte – This is one of my favorite family owned coffee shops in all of Dallas. Ambiance here is perfect for dates, study groups or alone time with a book while enjoying a cup of coffee/tea or yummy baked goods. The owners know most  regulars by first name and their “usual”. I always get the Gingerbread Latte and avacado toast (multigrain bread with avacado, feta bits & seasoning). Be sure to sign up for the rewards – seems like every other time I go in there, I get a free drink or a $1 off my purchase. Dane and I usually have Real Estate Coffee & Collab meetings here. Visit I Love U A LatteFE69294C-50E8-4730-87E6-6034EDF8A0F6
  2. Chubby Tuna – It’s name is as unique as its menu for Richardson. They offer everything from sushi burritos/bowls, smoothie bowls to funyun tempura shrimp made with all fresh ingredients. Its like a sushi place’s spin on a Chipotle. Clean and modern design. Trust me when I say – You want the Chubby sauce.
    Chubby Tuna Vibes




  • Sweet Daze (Dessert Bar) – This place came in with a big sparkly boom in Richardson. Since its grand opening, its maintained its momentum and happens to be right next door to I Love U A Latte. If your sweet tooth has a craving – rest assured it will be satisfied here. My favorite is Galaxy donut with a small cinnamon toast crunch ice cream with rainbow sprinkles (duh!). They have lots of flavors, toppings and cakes for special events (must order cakes in advance). Every donut and corner of this shop is photo worthy! Donut miss Sweet Daze7CF3E12A-B988-45B7-9C87-4C381DFE9E42D407EE69-6A1C-4978-BCF9-35156F462142.jpeg
  • Mena’s Mexican Grill –  This spot has been here a few years. Its recipes have been on their menu for over 25 years. The staff’s energy and attentiveness is exemplary. Its in a great area for walking around. My favorite is their Salmon salad, chips & Salsa, Ceviche and if you have room; their Tres Leches Cake is ah-maz-ing!!
    Meet at Mena’s





  • Maru Ramen – I was late in finding this spot before we moved into our house that is walking distance from this spot. Their atmosphere is a cool laid-back vibe, fun music selection to go with their tasty spin on ramen! It also doesn’t hurt that its located near the yummy 85 degree bakery (I cheated, added a #6).
    Slurp up Maru Ramen





10 Must- Have Trends of 2018 Homes

Trends come and go but, some are here to stay longer than others. The following trends have proven to benefit buyers and sellers of 2018.

1. Open Floor concepts – Providing more space and room for creativity in home decor, this trend has been emerging for years now. Open floor concepts are most commonly found in kitchens and family rooms.
Home by Dane Buys Homes
2. More sunshine – More windows in homes, allowing more natural light has become more desirable over the years.
Hgtv. Fixer Upper
3. Hardwood/Wood looking Floors- Aside from looking nicer than carpet in homes, wood floors hold their value, great in fighting allergens and much easier to keep clean.




4. Entryway/ Mudroom additions- Before mudrooms were typically found in homes in certain states that typically experience colder weather. However, it’s becoming more common in homes to utilize entry ways as mudroom or stylist storage spaces.
5. Cool Colors on walls- Before, it was shades of tan and beige color walls as the norm in homes. It’s becoming more common to see cooler colors such as : lighter shades of grey, blue and white. It’s also becoming more popular to use a deep rich color for accent walls.
6. Higher Ceilings & Ceiling Treatments- Cedar wrapped beams, wood work and high vaulted ceilings are a fun unique design factor being used in homes now. Ornate crown molding are also a great way to provide a decorative flair to a space.
D Homes
7. Marble, Quartz & Concrete counter tops- Although Granite countertops are still quite popular, materials like concrete and quartz are becoming more desirable.
Latitude Design Files
8. Gourmet Style Kitchens-  taking cooking and design to a new level, these gourmet kitchens are every buyer’s dream.
Decor Pad
9. Smart Homes- Something about turning lights on and off or adjusting the tempurature of the house from our phones is becoming more common and a major selling point!
10. Simplicity- Less is more. Clean and linear lines are more popular over grooves and ridges in crown molding.
The Four Walls Blog
“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.”

Real Estate: How to get your license without spending a fortune

After a little encouragement, I finally decided to work towards getting my real estate license. I spent some time researching and quickly learned – it’s quite pricey. The average Texas real estate license candidate will spend close to $1500 for the course, study material, tests and fingerprints. These costs don’t include continued education, business expenses, training, broker fees or membership dues.

Although I was a bit hesitant, I enrolled in an online real estate course I found on Groupon. I did my due diligence by reading some mixed reviews and moved forward with the course. I was nervous about taking the online course because I knew it would take discipline and dedication. However, I found the RealEstateU Program to be extremely easy to navigate. The course is very straight forward and professors were easy to reach to have questions answered promptly.

The online course was the right choice for me because it gave me the flexibility I wanted. Students can take as little or as much time as they need/want to complete the course (as long as its completed within one year).  I highly recommend the course for individuals who need flexibility, want to save money, able to be disciplined to study and have a computer with a webcam for protected exams.

After completing the RealEstateU program, I enrolled in the popular/highly recommended Champions School 2-day prep course. The course is well worth the extra expense. Class is from 8am-5pm, taught by an experienced agent or broker and includes a study book with test questions and review material. This class was a great way for me to make sure I was fully grasping the concepts taught to me in my online course. It also instilled me with a little extra confidence.

My online cost breakdown:
– Course: $175 – included all (6) – 30 hour courses + quizzes (now $10 less)
– Course proctored online tests: $15 each = $90
– TREC fees: $250
– Champions School 2-day Prep Course: $120
Total: $635


Champions Real Estate School:
-Course: (6) – $980
-TREC fees: $250
Total: $1230

Deciding which route is best for you comes down to: Are you disciplined enough to stick to a study schedule? – If not, I would recommend spending extra to enroll in a course that requires you to be in a classroom setting. Everyone has different personalities that require different ways to reach their goal of becoming licensed.

Throughout this process, I had moments of doubts but my loved one reminded me:

“Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent.”


5 Creative Ways to Say Thank You

Before social media, self-employed professionals relied heavily on grass root marketing, also known as word-of-mouth referrals. It’s truly the best way to build a brand/business with a direct personal connection with a potential client. I learned this as a brand ambassador and small business owner and now see the benefits of creating strong client relationships in real estate.

Here are 5 creative (inexpensive) ways to say thank you, show you appreciate your client’s business and motivate them to refer future clients your way.

1. “My Sky Moment” – Personalized Poster of the night sky at an exact time and date of a client’s home purchase. These are currently listed on Groupon – My Sky Moment – $16
2. Local Honey – A jar of local honey ranges from $5-$12, great way to support local businesses while building your own. Add a creative personalized note with your social media and contact information to welcome client’s to their new neighborhood.
45FD4EF1-4118-4FA8-BCA3-7425797CA2F03. Custom cutting boards -This is a unique house-warming gift that clients will love. You can find this one on Groupon – custom cutting board – $5.50
4. DONUTS – Who doesn’t love donuts? – Grab a batch of fresh gourmet donuts from your favorite near by bakery to show your gratitude. There are lots of fun “donut” sayings to add in your note. Custom notes can be created on Etsy
5. Plants – I love the idea of giving plants as thank you gifts to clients. Personally, I think succulent plants are the best because they are very low maintenance, small and inexpensive. Beautiful succulent plants can be found like this awesome Shanty 2 Chic image at Trader Joe’s for $6-$12. 0F20EABF-6054-4765-9252-68634C2C5183

“ Gratitude turns what we have into enough. “

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