Travel – Top 5 Bucket List Destinations



Its seems like no amount of travel will ever halt the insatiable desire to see more of the world. While unpacking my bags from a trip, I’m usually scrolling through pinterest deciding where I can save up to visit next trip. These places always catch my eyes and I find myself more often than not, creating an itinerary of all the things I look forward to seeing when I get there.

  1. ICELAND- Plane tickets to Iceland out of Dallas (with a connection flight) has become surprisingly more cost-effective over the past couple of years. After seeing images of the thermal pools and the northern lights, I told myself –  “I’m going there!” Conde Nast Traveler – 10 Most Beautiful Spots in Iceland– this article solidified me wanting to visit.

    2. NEW ZEALAND- Although I’m not a huge fan of extreme sports, I do love hiking.  The landscape looks so beautiful that my mind can’t truly grasp it without seeing for myself. Of all the destinations on my list, I know the least about New Zealand. My parents visited once when I was a chile, I just remember thinking I want to go one day.

3. SOUTH AFRICA- Before learning to conquer the art of traveling alone, I carried a sense of fear when it came to traveling to parts of the Middle East and Africa. I quickly realized – there will always be slight factors of fear or danger when traveling. It’s important to me that I never let fear deter me from seeing places I’ve dreamed of seeing. I feel like parts of Africa get a bad reputation. Regardless, something about being in a market, on a safari or even something as simple as sitting in a coffee shop in Cape Town, intrigues me.

4. DENMARK- Although at first glance of pictures, parts of Copenhagen really resembles Nederlands (Amsterdam) to me. However, after researching some more, I found the thing I love and want to see most in Denmark. Much like Switzerland, it has a large variety of terrain and vibes. You can visit a major city that’s full of people, business and the “go-go” lifestyle you would find in a city like NYC. Then you can visit locations like Faroe Islands, Denmark with an opposite vibe of tranquility. I’d love to see the secluded, quiet countryside scenery that Denmark has to offer.

5. THAILAND- After readying this blog: 10 mistakes to avoid visiting Thailand, I feel like I’m ready to conquer the beaches and sights of Thailand. I’ve always been drawn to visit Krabi and Ko Phi Phi the most. I’m a sucker for time at the beach and lounging. Something about the culture, food and the water motivates me to save all those little pennies to make them count!

Did these destinations make it onto your bucketlist?

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