Fitspo/Health – Home Workout

Fitspo/Health – Home Workout
Sometimes the day gets away from us and getting to the gym just isn’t convenient. Those are the days I try to make excuses by saying “I just don’t have time today”. Excuses don’t get us results though. When I lost my excuses, I found my results.
So, it just takes a good playlist, cup of coffee or preworkout, yoga mat and a kettlebell for a quick sweat!
A few tips:
-Turn on the heat in your house, helps promote a good sweat!
-Use a 10-20lbs kettlebell or dumbbell
-Go slow, do 4-6 sets of each exercise, 10-15 reps
– Stretch before & after workout
-Drink lots of water after your workout
-We all have to start somewhere
-A quick workout is better than no workout
-3 months from now, you’ll thank yourself
-It’s a slow process but quitting won’t speed it up
-Be patient and don’t use food as a reward for a good workout


” Wow. I really regret that workout” – Nobody. Ever.

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