Real Estate- How to get your license without spending a fortune

Real Estate: How to get your license without spending a fortune

After a little encouragement, I finally decided to work towards getting my real estate license. I spent some time researching and quickly learned – it’s quite pricey. The average Texas real estate license candidate will spend close to $1500 for the course, study material, tests and fingerprints. These costs don’t include continued education, business expenses, training, broker fees or membership dues.

Although I was a bit hesitant, I enrolled in an online real estate course I found on Groupon. I did my due diligence by reading some mixed reviews and moved forward with the course. I was nervous about taking the online course because I knew it would take discipline and dedication. However, I found the RealEstateU Program to be extremely easy to navigate. The course is very straight forward and professors were easy to reach to have questions answered promptly.

The online course was the right choice for me because it gave me the flexibility I wanted. Students can take as little or as much time as they need/want to complete the course (as long as its completed within one year).  I highly recommend the course for individuals who need flexibility, want to save money, able to be disciplined to study and have a computer with a webcam for protected exams.

After completing the RealEstateU program, I enrolled in the popular/highly recommended Champions School 2-day prep course. The course is well worth the extra expense. Class is from 8am-5pm, taught by an experienced agent or broker and includes a study book with test questions and review material. This class was a great way for me to make sure I was fully grasping the concepts taught to me in my online course. It also instilled me with a little extra confidence.

My online cost breakdown:
– Course: $175 – included all (6) – 30 hour courses + quizzes (now $10 less)
– Course proctored online tests: $15 each = $90
– TREC fees: $250
– Champions School 2-day Prep Course: $120
Total: $635


Champions Real Estate School:
-Course: (6) – $980
-TREC fees: $250
Total: $1230

Deciding which route is best for you comes down to: Are you disciplined enough to stick to a study schedule? – If not, I would recommend spending extra to enroll in a course that requires you to be in a classroom setting. Everyone has different personalities that require different ways to reach their goal of becoming licensed.

Throughout this process, I had moments of doubts but my loved one reminded me:

“Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent.”

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