Real Estate – 5 creative ways to say THANK YOU

5 Creative Ways to Say Thank You

Before social media, self-employed professionals relied heavily on grass root marketing, also known as word-of-mouth referrals. It’s truly the best way to build a brand/business with a direct personal connection with a potential client. I learned this as a brand ambassador and small business owner and now see the benefits of creating strong client relationships in real estate.

Here are 5 creative (inexpensive) ways to say thank you, show you appreciate your client’s business and motivate them to refer future clients your way.

1. “My Sky Moment” – Personalized Poster of the night sky at an exact time and date of a client’s home purchase. These are currently listed on Groupon – My Sky Moment – $16
2. Local Honey – A jar of local honey ranges from $5-$12, great way to support local businesses while building your own. Add a creative personalized note with your social media and contact information to welcome client’s to their new neighborhood.
45FD4EF1-4118-4FA8-BCA3-7425797CA2F03. Custom cutting boards -This is a unique house-warming gift that clients will love. You can find this one on Groupon – custom cutting board – $5.50
4. DONUTS – Who doesn’t love donuts? – Grab a batch of fresh gourmet donuts from your favorite near by bakery to show your gratitude. There are lots of fun “donut” sayings to add in your note. Custom notes can be created on Etsy
5. Plants – I love the idea of giving plants as thank you gifts to clients. Personally, I think succulent plants are the best because they are very low maintenance, small and inexpensive. Beautiful succulent plants can be found like this awesome Shanty 2 Chic image at Trader Joe’s for $6-$12. 0F20EABF-6054-4765-9252-68634C2C5183

“ Gratitude turns what we have into enough. “

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