Health/Fitspo – 2019 Wellness

♥Wellness Routine Tips for 2019♥
It’s New Year’s Day – A day for fresh starts, goal setting and reflection. Along with making a list of goals, I’ve made a list of reminders I’d like to practice every day this year.
This list will serve as a checklist for me to make sure that I hold myself accountable…

  1. DRINK MORE WATER – I slacked this year by allotting myself more coffee and drinks like Sparkling Ice or La Croix (not bad for you, but nothing is better or can replace water!)
  2. TAKE MY MULTIVITAMIN- I’ll be taking OLLY women’s’ multi vitamin and a prenatal vitamin to help keep my body healthy.
  3. MEDITATE FOR 10 MINS –  I’d like to start spending every morning from 4:50 – 5 am meditating. This will be centered around my breathing and clearing my mind of absolutely everything.
  4. LIMIT ONE DESSERT A MONTH – Anyone who knows me, knows this will be the most challenging part of the year.
  5. NO EATING PAST 6:30 PM – Nothing healthy or good comes from eating late at night. I used to be very disciplined and would like to get back to that mindset.
  6. END EACH NIGHT BY WRITING IN MY JOURNAL –  This is another tip that’s easier said than done. I find it therapeutic to put my thoughts on paper.
  7. 20 MINS OF CARDIO 4X A WEEK – no more, no less.
  8. STICK TO A SCHEDULE – I bought a new planner and intend on using it to keep me organized with meal prepping, exercising, work and self-care discipline.
  9. SLEEP – 7- 8 HOURS –  shouldn’t be hard but it is!
  10. NO SOCIAL MEDIA PAST 4PM – No need to constantly checking up on friends, likes, comments and new trends every hour.

2 thoughts on “Health/Fitspo – 2019 Wellness

  1. Anna Gregory says:

    This is a great list. There are several of them I need to work on, especially the late night eating. That is something that I have done since a little girl with my Daddy! 😢 Unfortunately my metabolism changed from the way his was until the day he died! That will probably be the hardest to break for me. You are such an inspiration, please keep doing what you do Meme!


    1. Meetrah says:

      Thank you so much for your comment Anna! Appreciate your continued support and absolutely adore you! Hang in there- stay focused and motivated – wishing you an amazing year filled with love 💜


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