Real Estate – Empty Home Staging Tips

5 Inexpensive ways to stage an empty home

1. Fake succulent plants – these are a seller’s best friend. Succulents go with almost any style home and bring life to an empty space.

2. Towel Displays – Be creative in displaying inexpensive decorative towels in kitchens and bathrooms.

3. Home baskets – These can include anything from lotions, candles, plants or soaps. Great accent accessories for kitchens, bathrooms or fireplace mantles.

4. Wall Hangings – Keep it bold but simple. Large wall clocks are versatile, functional and bring a pop of style and color to a space.

5. Home pop pieces – these items can be anything that lighten a room and help buyers imagine it as their own home. Items such as fruit, cutting boards, coffee makers, mugs/dishes or even a rug make a house feel like a home.

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