Brides – Meet F8 Studio

Meet the wonderful world of F8 Studio!

Carter Rose                    Gary Donihoo               Kym Skiles
(Corey and Eddie, not pictured)

Words don’t do justice to this team’s talent, fun personalities and ability to deliver pure perfection. Each artist has a unique style of shooting yet as a team they manage to compliment each other’s style by working and shooting as one. Every time I work with a bride that hires F8 as her photographer, I know the images will be phenomenal. It never seizes to amaze me how in each of their images I can practically feel the joy, taste the cake and hear the music.

You can count on F8 to shoot your details far from the ordinary…

Since my first day in the Dallas Wedding industry, this team welcomed me with open arms and kind hearts. It’s a pleasure to get to share their talent in this blog post. I love their boldness, creativity and how they always dare to be fearlessly different with their perspective, angles and lighting.

This industry can be intimidating, the F8 team has the gift and demeanor of caring. Always greeting vendors with a big smile , introduction and hug.

Gary is always sharing fun stories, laughing and has a laid back calm approach to wedding days that brings a sense of peace to the room.

Carter is one of the friendliest vendors I’ve encountered in this industry. His humble smile makes friends quickly.

Kym has the most amazing edgy presence you can imagine. She’s a force to be reckoned with as a photographer. You see her and immediately want to know her. To know her, is to love her.

Corey gives off a strong artistic vibe. You can tell he is constantly thinking outside of the box.

Eddie completes the group with his talent and attention to detail. His engagement behind the scenes is what a bride looks for in an artist.

Their experience sets a bride’s worries at ease. This team knows exactly what they’re doing and they get it done!

I got the opportunity to chat with them this week and ask them a couple of my favorite interview questions. Here’s what they had to share ….

Interview questions:

1 how would you describe your shooting style?

F8 : Our shooting style is focused around capturing real moments in an authentic, beautiful and creative way. Our aim is to capture those once in a lifetime moments in a way that brings you back to that day again and again.

2 what’s your favorite part of the weddings you shoot?

F8: Our favorite part of the wedding changes with each event. Because we focus on unscripted moments we never really know when something meaningful might happen. It keeps on us on our toes and makes every wedding a unique experience

3 what’s a book or quote that motivates/inspires you as a photographer?

F8: Quotes: “All the technique in the world doesn’t compensate for the inability to notice.” -Elliott Erwitt

“When people ask me what equipment I use – I tell them my eyes.” Anonymous


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