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Meet the creative world of Jill Sour and her company Stamped Paper Co.


At SPC, the sky is the limit and possibilities are endless.  Brides, fellow wedding vendors and clients come to Jill  for all their signage, logo items, stationery, menus, announcements, invitations and more! It’s amazing to see the amount of detail that goes into the special touches to bring an event to life. Jill’s abilities to connect with clients and create personalized details is inspiring!



Logo items: 



Sweet Touches:

As a fellow wedding vendor, I love seeing Jill at networking events. She is always a friendly face that I can count on for a good laugh and creative advise. We’ve personally trusted her to take care of our logo and business card needs. She has never disappointed! I had the pleasure of chatting with Jill about what motivates her as a soloprenuer :

1. What motivated you to start your company?

I have always been a designer, and got my start working as an Art Director in various ad agencies. I began designing invitations and announcements for my friends and family on my evenings, weekends and even lunch hours. When I fell in love with designing invitations more than designing ads, billboards, and catalogs, I decided to take the leap. I worked in some wonderful advertising agencies but felt I could use my voice along with my design skills to connect with my clients and explore entrepreneurship. The freedom to be my own boss was enticing, of course, but the bigger draw for me was the personal challenge I gave myself to turn my newest passion into my own endeavor. I love everything about design, and the idea of designing my own day, business and brand was simply magical.

2. What book or quote inspires you while navigating entrepreneurship?

I have a few, and have had a few that have inspired me at different times in my business. A quote that really helped me make the leap to make Stamped my full-time job is “A year from now, you’ll wish you’d started today.” That was always in the back of my head and a huge push to simply begin! Another quote along those lines is “Jump and the net will appear.” As someone who loves gymnastics as much as having a plan, this is something my mom told me once and really helped when I needed the push to simply “go for it.” A quote that is constantly in my brain now is, “Evolve or repeat.” I’m looking to make a lot of changes this year, and somehow the word “evolve” seems less scary than “change.”
I love business and self-help books and always prefer non-fiction over fiction. A few favorites are Present Over Perfect, The Fringe Hours, and a classic, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. I took an entire class on the Seven Habits my freshman year of college and still think of some gems from that book often!

3. What’s your favorite part of what you do?

While I love design and still thank my lucky stars every day that I get to design as my job, meeting our wonderful clients and getting to share in their life celebrations is hands-down the best part. We’ve met so many clients who have become great friends, and keep in touch with them long after their paper projects are complete. We really get to know each other in the process and share stories, laughs, and sometimes even tears (the good tears)! Paper + People = The Best!


Check out more from Stamped Paper Co. :

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