Travel – Cute Passport Covers Under $20

I remember in as a kid being in school, having to use “book covers”. Anyone else remember book covers for our textbooks? (Did I just age myself?) Some used standard issued paper covers. Others, like me, took decorative book covers to an extreme level.
Image result for old school textbook coversTo me, having a cute cover for your passport has been right of passage into adulthood. It’s no longer textbooks telling the stories in style – its the passport.


Here are 10 of my favorite passport covers that can be found under $20 :

1. Classic – Custom Charm & Metal Name Plate
2. Bold- Cute Cover & Luggage Tag

3. The Girly Cover

4. Marble Business Cover

5. The Journal Cover

6. The Map Cover

7. Donut Forget Passport Cover

8. The Tropical Cover

9.The Parisian Cover

10. The Glitzy Glam Cover




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