Health – 6 Ways To Throw An EPIC Galentines Party

Special thanks to Lucy Diaz Flores

Courtesy of : Bella Flora & Bella Accento

It’s the month of Love…

No better way to get in the spirit of February than by pre-gaming with the girls before date night with your beau.

It’s tradition to celebrate Galentines Day.

Here are 6 tips for the best Galentines day your besties have ever experienced.

Tip #1

Balloons make everything better…

Tip #2

Festive Bubbly … get your girls as bubbly as their drinks.

Tip #3

Flowers… ladies love florals- it brings life to the atmosphere and smiles to faces.

Tip #4

S W E E T S!! What’s Galentines day without yummy sweet bites?!

And of course- tasty savory bites too!

Tip #5

Photo Op Station because let’s be honest … Instagram!

Tip #6

Send your gals home with awesome swag bags …

It’s important to make time for gals – sometimes Valentine’s Day can be hard. Galentines keeps us upbeat, grateful and in a celebrating mood.

Do you celebrate G a l e n t i n e s • D a y?

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