Travel – Top 10 Things to do with 24hrs in Massachusetts!

While visiting Maine, there were 24 hours to use wisely on a DAY TRIP!

After some searching here is what was accomplished on our road trip with less than 24 hrs in Massachusetts..

Top 10 things to do while in Massachusetts: 

1. Visit the Salem Witch Museum.

* check out Salem Blog Coming on Halloween (*duh 🙂

2. Take a tour of the HOCUS POCUS film sites.

3. Grab Coffee at Gula Gula Cafe.

4. Shop at local Wiccan Shops/boutiques.

5. Pose for a pic with statue of Samantha from Bewitched.

6. Drive to Boston.

7. Visit the CHEERS bar.

8. Take a stroll through Boston Public Garden.

9. Grab a burger & Shake at The Boston Burger Co.

10. Admire the stone road on Acorn St. *Most photographed street in Boston.

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