Travel – Top 5 Must-Have Travel Items

My Top 5 Travel Must Have Items

When it comes to packing, there are 2 types of packers. Those who throw everything in a bag and go, then those who look at packing like an art. I’m the type that packs meticulously, everything has its place and I know exactly what I want to wear on what day of my trip (I’m that annoying.).
Warning: Many of these are super cliche but let’s be honest- they are still must haves for most travelers.

These are a few little travel hacks/items that I use that make life a little easier.

1. Travelo–  Its a perfume/cologne refillable atomizer made for travel. Most of the perfumes I love are not made in small travel size. You can use a scent that you already have, take the top of your perfume or cologne off and pump it into the bottom of the atomizer. They come in a variety of colors and safe to store in a carry on bag.
Only $2.38 on amazon


2. Waterless razor by Gillette Venus at Bed Bath and Beyond – Doesn’t matter if you forgot to shave your face, legs or underarms – this is every man or woman’s must have during a busy trip (especially a beach trip). I love how the gel leaves no razor bumps or skin irritations. Only $2.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond.


3. My Donut Donut – Obviously neck pillow donuts are a must have for flights or road trips but who doesn’t love a donut donut?  Its unique, so no mixing it up with anyone else’s neck pillow. It’s also memory foam , aka super comfy. I found this one for $7.99 at Tj Maxx


4. Tech Junkie pouch – There are many versions of the tech to-go bag. This one was perfect for me – it fits 3 different chargers for my phone, ipad, wireless selfie stick (don’t judge me), earbuds, USB and portable wireless phone charger with a little spare room for various cords or adapters. This one was $10 at Nordstrom Rack


5. ReTrak Bluetooth Selfie Stick (I told you, don’t judge me) – I know, I know *hangs head in shame – So ridiculous. However, let’s be honest … as silly as these things are, they are so nice to document a badass trip without bugging people you dont know to snap a pic of you in front of some random cool spot. I’ve gone through a few selfie sticks and this one has been my favorite. It’s compact, bluetooth, wireless, long charge life and has a simple button to snap a pic. I found it for $20 at Target


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