Real Estate – Richardson, Texas- MY TOP 5

Most of the properties that I get to help Dane with are located in Richardson, TX. It works out great for us since we both grew up here and know it well.

A fun fact: In 2014, Richardson was named the 17th best city to live in by 24/7 Wall St. based on crime rates, economy, education, housing, environment, leisure and infrastructure.

Richardson is a business and family friendly suburb of Dallas. With a great school district and new businesses popping up everyday – it’s one of the more favorable suburbs of Dallas. Geographically, it’s in an ideal spot of Dallas, close to major highways approx. 15 minutes from downtown and close to an array of restaurants, shopping and parks. With the fairly new arrival of State Farm and other businesses – Richardson is expanding rapidly due to the low-cost of living and taxes in Texas (compared to other states). Here are few new businesses that have made living in Richardson a little sweeter!

My Top 5 Spots to try in Richardson of 2018: 

  1. I love U A Latte – This is one of my favorite family owned coffee shops in all of Dallas. Ambiance here is perfect for dates, study groups or alone time with a book while enjoying a cup of coffee/tea or yummy baked goods. The owners know most  regulars by first name and their “usual”. I always get the Gingerbread Latte and avocado toast (multigrain bread with avocado, feta bits & seasoning). Be sure to sign up for the rewards – seems like every other time I go in there, I get a free drink or a $1 off my purchase. Dane and I usually have Real Estate Coffee & Collab meetings here. Visit I Love U A LatteFE69294C-50E8-4730-87E6-6034EDF8A0F6
  2. Chubby Tuna – It’s name is as unique as its menu. They offer everything from sushi burritos/bowls, smoothie bowls to funyun tempura shrimp made with all fresh ingredients. Clean and modern design. Trust me when I say – You want the Chubby sauce. The little succlants on the table make for sweet photo props. I love all the options.
    Chubby Tuna Vibes
  3. Sweet Daze (Dessert Bar) – This place came in with a big sparkly boom in Richardson. Since its grand opening, its maintained its momentum and happens to be right next door to I Love U A Latte. If your sweet tooth has a craving – rest assured it will be satisfied here. My favorite is Galaxy donut with a small cinnamon toast crunch ice cream with rainbow sprinkles (duh!). They have lots of flavors, toppings and cakes for special events (must order cakes in advance). Every donut and corner of this shop is photo worthy! Donut miss Sweet Daze7CF3E12A-B988-45B7-9C87-4C381DFE9E42D407EE69-6A1C-4978-BCF9-35156F462142.jpeg
  4. Mena’s Mexican Grill –  This spot has been here a few years. Its recipes have been on their menu for over 25 years. The staff’s energy and attentiveness is exemplary. It’s in a great area for walking around. My favorite is their Salmon salad, chips & Salsa, Ceviche and if you have room; their Tres Leches Cake is ah-maz-ing!!
    Meet at Mena’s
  5. Maru Ramen – I was late in finding this spot before we moved into our house that is walking distance from this spot. Their atmosphere is a cool laid-back vibe, fun music selection to go with their tasty spin on ramen! It also doesn’t hurt that it’s located near the yummy 85 degree bakery (I cheated, added a #6).
    Slurp up Maru Ramen


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