Beauty – Skincare Routine

I think the key to having beautiful makeup is having a fresh clean canvas (your FACE). As a kid, I grew up with terrible eczema. It was truly a source of insecurity for me. No amount of makeup or products ever covered my blotchy irritated skin. I could never used scented skin products.

As an adult, I finally found a skin care routine that worked for me that didn’t cost a small fortune.

Every night before I go to sleep or as soon as I get home from a full day, I wash my makeup off using Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing wipes  . I’ve never experienced any kind of skin reaction to these wipes. The blue ones are softer on my skin than the purple packaged ones. I wet my face with warm water first then cool water after using the wipe to close my pores after cleansing.

Most people are surprised when I’m asked what moisturizer I use. I literally only use one thing on my face – good ol’ fashioned – Vaseline! Years ago, I met a woman who told me she was 73 years old and didn’t look a day over 45. I asked her what skin products she used, she replied – “darling I use this expensive stuff , its called Vaseline”.  (Its 1.07 at Target). Some people can’t get over the shiny “greasy” look of lathering it on your skin. If your skin is dry like mine, it lasts all of 4 minutes before my face slurps it up like a thirsty camel.

After moistuizing, I use 100% pure cold pressed organic Caster oil on my lash line (it promotes longer lashes) and I apply it on any breakout blemishes to avoid blemish scaring. This stuff is good to use on face, skin, hair or nails.

Moroccan Arian Oil is also good to use as a face oil for glowing skin. I use it 2-3 times a week in small amounts. Its rich in vitamin E, great for your skin.

Every morning, I use St. Ives Acne Control apricot scrub. I have no clue how this stuff leaves my skin feeling so soft without any irritation but I love it! It prevents acne and evens skin tone. It even makes applying make up go on smoother.

Once every 2 weeks or so, I try to make time for a face mask too. My favorite brand is found at Target called Que Bella.  I’ve tried them all, none of them bother my skin and all leave my face feeling clean and refreshed.

Share your skin care routine with me! I love hearing what products work best for people.

Stay glowing.


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