Real Estate- Must-Have Trends of 2018

10 Must- Have Trends of 2018 Homes

Trends come and go but, some are here to stay longer than others. The following trends have proven to benefit buyers and sellers of 2018.

1. Open Floor concepts – Providing more space and room for creativity in home decor, this trend has been emerging for years now. Open floor concepts are most commonly found in kitchens and family rooms.
Home by Dane Buys Homes
2. More sunshine – More windows in homes, allowing more natural light has become more desirable over the years.
Hgtv. Fixer Upper
3. Hardwood/Wood looking Floors- Aside from looking nicer than carpet in homes, wood floors hold their value, great in fighting allergens and much easier to keep clean.

4. Entryway/ Mudroom additions- Mudrooms were typically found in homes in certain states that typically experience colder weather. However, it’s becoming more common in homes to utilize entry ways as mudroom or stylish storage spaces.
5. Cool Colors on walls- Before, it was shades of tan and beige color walls as the norm in homes. It’s becoming more common to see cooler colors such as : lighter shades of grey, blue and white. It’s also becoming more popular to use a deep rich color for accent walls.
6. Higher Ceilings & Ceiling Treatments- Cedar wrapped beams, wood work and high vaulted ceilings are a fun unique design factor being used in homes now. Ornate crown molding are also a great way to provide a decorative flair to a space.
D Homes
7. Marble, Quartz & Concrete counter tops- Although Granite countertops are still quite popular, materials like concrete and quartz are becoming more desirable.
Latitude Design Files
8. Gourmet Style Kitchens-  taking cooking and design to a new level, these gourmet kitchens are every buyer’s dream.
Decor Pad
9. Smart Homes- Something about turning lights on and off or adjusting the tempurature of the house from our phones is becoming more common and a major selling point!
10. Simplicity- Less is more. Clean and linear lines are more popular over grooves and ridges in crown molding.
The Four Walls Blog
“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.”

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