Beauty – Artist Acknowledgment


Meet the artist.
Behind every camera lens is an artist creating a vision.
Stephanie is a Dallas based photographer, doing exactly that (creating a vision). She has a unique way of shooting using stylistic lighting that leaves a noticeable impression on clients. I first met Stephanie years ago, in school. Since those days, she has become a mother and built a successful photography business.
I had the pleasure of working with her on a project for Adidas Women and was delighted by her speed, positive attitude and adaptability.

She has an innate ability to make you feel comfortable. I knew the moment she was done setting up, I was in good hands.
Her kind demeanor sets you as a client at ease, her pace and facial expressions showed me no time would be wasted and she knew exactly what kind of image she was working to create. The verbal guidance, knowledge and attention to detail impressed me on set with her.

I caught up with Stephanie to get to know her as an artist, mother and business owner.
Here’s what she had to share with me:

  1. What inspired you to become a photographer?
    “My inspiration for photography is a tad deep but here it goes. When I lost my mother right out of high school I also lost a lot of childhood photographs. The fact that I had little to no photographic memories really got to me. It was at that moment photography became my passion. And has since become my photographic obsession. I am moved by the fact I get to visually go back in time with my clients and the special moments in their lives which at a young age I actually lost. “
  2. What is your favorite subject to shoot?
    “My specialty is couples + maternity but seriously anything “love inspired”! “
  3. Are there any photographers that influence your thinking, shooting and career path?
    “I’m honestly moved by all of the creators on this journey. It’s not easy and it’s even easier to get discouraged but those of us sticking it out and creating a brand of our own, I’m so moved and inspired daily! “
  4. What advise would you give or wish someone had given you when starting a photography business?
    “The advise I would give to someone starting out in this industry would be-just be yourself! Don’t try and imitate what you see, create your own kind of beautiful! “
  5. Is there a book or quote that motivates you personally or professionally?
    “Believe you can and your half way there.”
  6. How do you balance work and family life?
    “How do I balance it all-well I stay focused, I have a supportive husband who believes in my passion and the rest just falls into place by the grace of God! “
  7. What makes a good picture stand out from an average picture?
    “When you look at an image and you feel something whether it makes you smile, laugh or even cry THAT is a good image.”
  8. How would you describe your photography style?
    ““Romantic Moody” (totally made that up but hey that’s me-not the norm)”Book Stehanie:
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