Real Estate – Old Home Infatuation

Although new build homes are nice, unique and in many ways an improved version of older homes; I’ve always had a love for older homes. It’s something about their character that intrigues me.

I stumbled across a website that shares my love for old homes called Circa Old Houses . This website is update monthly with old homes from all over the country. You can search by state, price range and architectural style.

Nearly all the homes listed are fixer-uppers but sometimes they also have listings for remodeled old homes. It’s fun to visit this website and dream of all the endless potential and possibilities of these old homes. It’s obvious in the some of the pictures the homes have quite the stories and characters to share.

Some are spooky looking and some just need some TLC.

This beaut is listed in Greenville, TX at $159,500 4bedrooms | 2 bathrooms |3,633 sq ft Circa 1885

This Galveston, Texas Queen Anne gem was built in 1899.
$499,000 | 3.5 baths | 3 beds | 3,655 sq ft |10,272 sq ft

I can easily lose pockets of my life searching this website’s homes all over the country. Some homes even have old newspaper articles with the home’s picture from the era it was built like this home in Brackettville, Texas…

Creep on Circa Old Houses website and share your favorite old house… Thanks for reading!

Old places have soul. – Sarah Anderson

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