Beauty – How to make a REAL flower crown!

With the holidays around the corner, that means holiday cards. Holiday cards means photo shoot time!

*que the moaning in pain boyfriend, husband and children

Who doesn’t love a beautiful flower crown though? Especially for a winter holiday themed photo. I’ve seen them a lot in maternity photo shoots lately too.

After watching this YouTube video : How To Make A Real Flower Crown
I felt ready to tackle this surprisingly simple DIY project.

Here is what you need:
Any Hobby Lobby or Michaels (craft store) will carry these items.
*Floral Stem Wrapping Tape – $2.99
*Floral Coiled Wire – $3.49
*Grapevine Wire – $3.99
* Scissors or wire cutters
* Your choice of a variety of florals – I purchased my flowers at Trader Joe’s. Included: Roses, Variety of evergreens and greenery, cranberries and petite crimson red buds – $24

Also, having a Santa’s Elf Helper doesn’t hurt – She looked too cute not to share
Florals purchased at Trader Joe’s – Total $24


1. Take the Grapevine wire and fit to your head, cut accordingly and twist off to complete the circle (some people attach ribbon to have it adjustable, I did not.) Use the floral tape to cover your seam line where you completed the circle for your crown.

2. Use the Evergreen or ” leafiest flower” you chose to wrap the crown to serve as a base that covers the wire. I used the floral tape at 3 spots to secure the greens to the crown.

3. Once you’ve got the base of the crown covered in greenery. Move on to creating small clusters of flower arrangements. It helps to think of them as small boutonnières. I made about 5 small clusters and used the wrapped the short stem part of the clusters with the floral tape.

4. Now you can begin to place the clusters on the crown using the floral tape to semi secure them to the actual greenery covered crown. You can make your crown as simple or elaborate as you like.

5. Finally, once you’ve attached the flowers to crown; you can use the floral wire to firmly secure the flowers to the crown at the spots you used the floral tape. Simply wrap small pieces of the wire around the crown- try to camouflage the wire between flowers.

And … VIOLA … you have a flower crown made of real flowers for your next special event or photo shoot!

After I got the hang of the first one I made for myself, I made a flower collar for my dog, Truvy! She pretty much felt like a princess.

I’d rather wear flowers in my hair, than diamonds around my neck.

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