Brides – The JOYful ALTERnative

It’s no secret – sweets are my ultimate weakness!

When it comes to adorable, Macarons take the cake (*sweet pun intended).

I discovered JOY Macarons a long time ago while walking down Greenville Ave.

Obviously, pistachio is my favorite flavor! A hit of sweetness, goes perfectly with a cup of coffee or tea!

Nothing I enjoy more than ending a work day with a book and some macarons – did I mention they have ice cream macaron sandwiches – ” Mac Sammies” !? Yes, I said macaron ice cream sandwich.

After trying almost every flavor – I instantly thought – “How cute would these Mac Towers be at a wedding? ” I quickly started recommending JOY to my brides when the topic of wedding desserts came up!

Macaron Towers are becoming extremely more popular and appealing to brides.

Why go with a Macaron Tower instead of a traditional wedding cake?

– Way more unique

– easy for guests to grab and go

– Far less waste – wasting cake/sweets is tragic.

– custom flavors, designs & packaging to suit the wedding’s needs

– great guest gifts

– super precious looking

– cost-effective

– gluten-free! Accommodate guests with dietary restrictions

I got a chance to chat with the team over at JOY Macarons…

Where to get a JOY Macaron?

Visit one of the THREE locations in DFW:
839 W. Davis Street
Dallas, TX 75208

1927 Greenville Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75206

5254 Marathon Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76109



Visit & order online : JOY

Special thank you to Stephanie for your ability to capture!
Book SJRandCo Photography

Big sweet thank you to Taylor for your talent!
Book Rouge and Rose Beauty

Thank YOU for reading!

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