Health – 5 Unique Ways to Upgrade a Workspace!


Excerpt from The War of Art by Steven Pressfield:

A professional seeks order.
My truck was a nest, a hive, a hellhole on wheels whose sleeping surface I had to clear each night just to carve out a foxhole to snooze in.
The professional cannot live like that. He [She] is on a mission. He [She] will not tolerate disorder. He [She] eliminates chaos from the world in order to banish it from the mind. Carpet vacuumed and threshold swept, so the Muse may enter and not soil her gown.

For a professional, the art of de-cluttering and organization is critical to success and well-being. I feel most productive when my work space is in order. I love having plants to admire while I work, inspiring wall hangings to stay creative, planners to remain organized and books that provoke thoughts and dreams!

Below are a few items to improve your work space and productivity:
1. Martha Stewart Office – chalk, marker and cork board decals for the office

2. Staples Sketch, note and inspirational quote books

3. Own the Day Notepad

4. Pastel themed Great Thought of the Day Reminder Calendar and decor

5. Emily + Meritt Office decor/supplies

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