Brides – NYC – Ulyana Aster Bridal Hair Masterclass

Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to New York from Dallas to attend a bridal hair masterclass taught by Ulyana Aster , hosted by Boho Hair Salon in Asbury Park and sponsored by Schwarzkopf Pro.

I’ve followed and been inspired by the designs of Ulyana since 2014, it was such a pleasure to finally have a chance to learn from her. Ulyana was born in Russia, moved to Australia to learn English. It’s in Australia that she created her bridal empire of hair styling, hair accessories and most recently gowns. Her master class covers: hairstyles, technique, social media and product knowledge.

So many new techniques and product knowledge were acquired in this class. There were 6 signature styles demonstrated followed by hands on model styling. This was the time to showcase what was learned, ask questions, use new products and accentuate our styles with hair accessories provided. It was humbling to have my work shared on the Ulyana Aster page.

After hands on training, we were able to chat with Ulyana, take pictures and ask questions. Class ended with students being presented with certificates of participation. This was a phenomenal class not just for learning but mingling with other talented artists. I’m grateful for the experience.

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