Travel – How to plan a trip to Maine in the winter!

Even being pretty allergic to Lobster, I’ve told myself nothing a Benadryl or Epi Pen can’t fix (Kidding only a little bit). Lobster in Maine has always been on the bucket list!

People have been shocked to hear we are planning a trip to Maine in winter as TEXANS! What can I say? I want to see snow, hike, freeze and go on an adventure.

After reading tons of blogs, the main thing is arranging hotel/Airbnb accommodations. Since it is during low season – a lot of places close or have limited bookings.

Like all my trips, I put together a rough draft itinerary using google, yelp and Pinterest. I started researching cities before traveling there a long time ago because I have major FOMO (fear of missing out) when seeing new cities. Horrible feeling to get back home to realize you missed seeing or tasting something amazing in the city that you just left. Also, who else hates wasting money on a crappy meal because you didn’t read the reviews?!

Below is our rough itinerary that includes restaurants, hotel, Airbnb, hiking trails and cities/states we hope to see while visiting Maine. ** fingers crossed for safe driving weather.

I usually create a list of places to and leave breakfast, lunch and dinner blank on each day to be able to plug-in where we ate with pictures to make blogging about the city easier when I get back home.

It’s a great habit to get into even if you’re not a blogger just to have to recommend to friends/family or keep for a return trip one day.

Portland MAINE

Day 1 – Arrive at Noon.

Check in – Portland harbor hotel – drop off bags, grab coffee. *See Portland

Lunch –


Day 2


*See Salem/Boston, Massachusetts – (1.5 hours)



Day 3


Acadia National Park (2.5hours)

Dog sled/ snow mobile



Lunch/dinner/breakfast Options:

◦ Cotes Portland Cafe

◦ Artimesia cafe

◦ Blue spoon

◦ Duckfat

◦ Central provisions tapas

◦ The great lost beat

◦ The sinful kitchen

◦ Dutch’s breakfast

◦ Street & co $$$


◦ The holy donut

◦ Urban Sugar

◦ The cookie jar

◦ The bar of chocolate cafe

◦ Ten ten pie


◦ Higher grounds coffee

◦ Coffee ME up


Day 4 –


drive an hour to sequin tree house

25 Turtle Hill Drive, Georgetown, ME

*See Georgetown , Reid State Park

Day 5


*White Mountain National Forest – New Hampshire (2.5hrs)



Day 6

“Wing it/ Relax Day”

Coastal Maine botanical gardens ? /

Sleigh ride ?

Restaurants Near Georgetown:

◦ Cameron’s lobster house

◦ No coward soul – Portuguese

◦ Starlight cafe

◦ Cafe creme

Day 7 – Depart at 11am

Drive back to Portland at 9am


Depart for return flight to Dallas

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